Through the fog, and onto the path!

An obscured path is not a stop sign. Yet, we are all guilty of fearing the unknown. If you know the direction you are heading then there is nothing to fear.

I learned this while mastering the art of orienteering. Orienteering is land navigation using a map and compass. You have your bearings which point you in the correct direction. From there, you must travel a set distance to reach your destination. The trick is, there is not always a defined path. Sometimes there are fallen trees, creeks, or crevices to cross. The fun part is learning the land as you travel forward.

2017-10-21-09-48-29.jpgThese same principles keep me guided in life. I set a destination/goal whether it is professional or personal. Next, I take the first step forward. As long I as I keep moving forward with actionable steps I will reach my destination in due time. What happens along the way is often more beneficial than the goal. I meet new people, have odd adventures, and sometimes end up with a new destination!

The real trick, though, is embracing the unknown. View the path as an opportunity to learn and grow. This will awaken something you never knew existed inside of you. Think hard on a great adventure in your life. What memories come back to you? Is it the destination or the bad/amazing things that happened on the way. For me, it is definitely the latter.

We all have goals in life. If we are being honest we would all admit that we are dogs chasing cars, we won’t know what to do once we catch it. Embrace the unknown and celebrate the obscurity on your path, no matter the destination. Over time you will meet and miss goals. Regardless of the outcome be sure to enjoy the path while living Life Uncharted

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