Patience takes patience…

I believe that time is my most valuable asset. With the proper allocation of time, any goal can be reached. The tragic flaw of humanity is that our time on Earth is attached to a clock. So how do we optimize our time to achieve that which we hope to reach? To me, that tool is patience.

Patience is a skill that requires one to respect the time of themselves and others. I view patience as having two forms: micro and macro. Micro is the daily respect paid to the world around us. It’s not getting frustrated at the clerk taking entirely too long to bag groceries or not being grumpy when Netflix has to buffer. Macro is the respect we owe ourselves for reaching long term plans. It’s understanding that one exercise will not make you lose weight or that taking an entry level job won’t immediately hit your career goals.

DSC00058 Micro or Macro aside, the fundamentals of respecting time stay constant. If we acknowledge the fact that time is a limited resource then we can agree that it should be cherished. No matter what goals you have, time will play a crucial part. By practicing patience, and being honest with the amount of time required to reach that goal, one can achieve a more positive state of mind. 

If you are asking to or find yourself in a situation where you are taking the time of another, patience is doubled in importance. It is a gift. Someone is sharing their most valuable asset with you in the form of an action or conversation. That demands respect, that demands patience. At its roots patience is the golden rule. How do you like people to respect your time?

Be patient with where you are going. Take a step back and grab some perspective. Think of all your accomplishments and relationships. Every Single one was a series of actions strung together by time. Let that blueprint be a roadmap for the future. Be conscious of your time, respect it, and be cognitive with how you handle the time of others. To get to Carnegie Hall you need to practice, practice, practice. To win at life you need patience, patience, patience.

One Reply to “Patience takes patience…”

  1. Excellent post. I never thought about patience that way. It reminds me of discussions we have in our meditation group.


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