About Chelmers

My life is far from mapped out. Most days are spent trying to gather my bearings.  Like a sailing ship I am continuously righting the course. When I look at the wake left behind, only then does my path make sense. I have a theory though: by deciphering the present our future takes shape. My cipher? Context.

Chris Helmers is the name, or, Chelmers if you haven’t put that together just yet. I’m a husband, father to one dog, and youngest of four brothers. Forever a midwesterner but currently residing in sunny San Diego. My parents instilled three things in me growing up: an obsession with the nature/beer, a passion for lifelong learning, and the ability to shrug off failure (seriously there has been a lot of failure).

I spoke of context and now allow me to present it: beer. Beer is the lens to which I will share my stories. Beer (and me) will serve as the framework for my adventures. So join me friends, and perhaps together we can chart our lives.

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