364 1/4’s Eve

New years come as decades go by, while life and time continue to fly. To some, new year brings cheerful rejoice, and to others it brings tearful regret. The American way, though, is to drink till you forget. After twelve twenty five is done we soon get one one. Worried what to buy, what to gift, and for who is quickly replaced with what should we do? Do we party so much we call a lift on the phone? Or, do we keep it real light and instead just stay at home?

New Years, like all traditions, stays true to the heart. The number one question is where do we start? Is it shots shots shots everybody, or a movie night capped with a cozy hot toddy? Sadly, I feel that traditions are quite doomed to fail. Built up in our heads but with no wind in their sail. Many still cling to days gone and past, instead we are left with events that have passed. Don’t feel sad, glad or bad. This is just life, this is what’s to be had.

Three sixty four and a quarter is a long time to wait, to address what’s been served on your big life sized plate. To change the world you must start with yourself.  Don’t leave your ambitions stuck on some shelf. It’s good to look inward but also still outward, keep your momentum and just keep moving forward. The past works quite fine as a plan for the future but beware of nostalgia and becoming indentured; to self-expectations that you will not be meeting or mixed up memories that always are fleeting

You go do you boo and go get what’s due to you. Your mistakes and successes are now all but past tense, so go get aggressive and play some damn offense. New year new you and all the clichés, your time in this year is well over stayed. Don’t wait till you’ve been told, or been given a scold, it’s true what they say fortune favors the bold.

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