Charting Chelmers

“Those who fail to brew are essentially brewing failure”

     -Definitely not Winston Churchill

Some people view life through the eye of the beholder. Personally, I prefer to view it while holding a beer. By establishing context, I hope to translate the comings and goings of my life into usable concepts for others. Don’t worry! I’m quite aware of how conceited this sounds. I’m continuously filling my life with activities that are rife with humility. Call me a masochist, but not conceited,I find pleasure in being humbled. I write all of this to say I wish to explore my own life through one of my deepest passions: beer.

So why beer? Beer is the fascinating convergence of culture, business, and science. Much of my personal philosophy can be expressed through my adventures in beer. The perfect context is created whether I am exploring another brewery, attempting to brew at home, or sampling a new beer. So please, find value! Get inspired! Be motivated! Or at the least…be entertained!

You are formally welcomed to: Life Uncharted


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